HTDSTUDIO is an internationally recognized, research and design based practice founded in Brooklyn, New York. Its mission to bring innovation to architectural, interior, urban and sustainable design projects.

Our clients include Aristeia Global Advisors, Iconix Brand Group, Brooklyn New School, James Perkins Studio, Kingdom Development, Orion Advisors, Financial Women's Association, Nonprofit Finance Fund, the Permanent Mission of Namibia to the UN, Rocawear, vOptimise Pvt. Ltd. and numerous organizations, corporations and private clients in the U.S., Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Caribbean.

Something good can always come out of a challenge. Something can always be learned during the process. Everyone involved with the project has something to offer. Whether it is a challenging site, a tight budget or a new, emerging market, HTDSTUDIO strives to innovate through design thinking and technical expertise while getting our Clients to their specific goals and objectives. We recognize this dynamic and infuse it into our approach.

We are currently working to enhance our web experience for your discovery and enjoyment.